Federico Ambrosi is an Italian Dj and Producer of tech house music born in Verona, Italy. He began his career playing in one of the renowned clubs in his hometown called “AlterEgo”.
Since he was young Federico had a special relation with Music and in his soul there is an energy he wants to express through his beats!

With support from artist like Jamie Jones, Green Velvet, Solardo, Lee Foss, Detlef, Paolo, Martini and releases on Hottrax, Relief, Sola, Repopulate Mars, Roush under his belt, it’s clear
to see why Federico is one of the young Italian artists to keep an eye on!

His works are energetic, unique, and extremely catchy, with such an exciting beat that will stick in your mind and drag you to the dancefloor at any time. His creations have become so well-
loved by the public, that they have been played in many big events and venues, such as Tomorrowland, DC10 and many others.

A year and a half ago, from November to February, he completed a massive tour in South America, exploring clubs in the Argentina area such as Neuquen, La Plata, Mendoza, Cordoba, Venado
Tuerto, Cañada de Gomez (Rosario), Capital Buenos Aires, Junín and in Chile, Santiago, reporting a huge success and creating amazing and unforgettable nights, where the crowd could leave their problems behind and dance to the eclectic rhythm of his creations.

2020 is a magical year for Federico because the legend Jamie Jones has invited him to debut on his Hottrax imprint ! He released his “Conscious ep” on 7th August with great support from
Andrea Oliva, Francisco Allendes, Solardo and Franky Rizardo to name a few.. In the next months he has a lot of new Music coming out on Nathan Barato’s and Carlo Lio’s
label ‘Rawthentic’, on Solardo’s ‘Sola’ and a great ep on Detlef’s label ‘Issues’.

1. Hi Federico! Do you have a personal recipe for success, which factor has made the main contribution to your achievements to date? Tell us about it.

Hi Olga! Glad to do this interview with you!
Unfortunately there is no a specific key for the success ! In my case the most important thing has made the main contribution for dates is for sure my produciton in terms of tracks and releases on good label ! I think the best way to reach people is through your own style of productions so people can remeber and appreciate your personal imprint !

2. Do Dj`s need to understand the trends of music? Can you only include the music that you like or the trends are more important?

I think sometimes you have to keep up with music evolution! I mean, you have to keep your own style always but adjust it as well with the costant evolution of music.

It’s the same thing talking about technology, you have to take advantage of it!

3. If you cannot be a Dj, what new profession would you choose?

This question It’s difficult for me ahah.. I don’t know actually .. For sure something that has a connection with the music.

4. What do you think is one of the best moments in your life?

One of the best moment for sure is when you are on touring, you are visiting new places and you have in front of you a lot of people dancing for your beats! In my case, my last tour in South America was just amazing!

5. What did you believe in early in your career, or even as a child? What gave you strength and inspiration?

The first dj who gave me inspiration was Paolo Martini. I went to listen to him here in my city Verona! Even before, when I was a child I felt something special with music, it was the best way to be free and express myself .

6. What was the best, most valuable advice you were given? What was it?

I got some great advices from people in the business that have so much more experience than me and it helps a lot! If you want to grow as an artist you have to pick up every positive things and inspiration that can give you each advice you get during your journey !

Anyway I think I got some important tips about music productions and it was really good to help me growing as a producer!

7. Despite of COVID-19, 2020 had been a magical year for you, because the legend Jamie Jones had invited you to have a debut on a Hottrax imprint. Tell us more about it.

Yeah 2020 was for each one of us a really bad Year for this situation of Covid, but if we look at the positive side, I got some big releases! It was like a dream came true to get signed on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax label ! I was working on that EP a lot, I chose accurately each components of the tracks, to give the right mood to the track! Jamie was one of my reference points when I started djing! I released as well on Green Velvet’s label Relief my track ‘Again’.

8. Who from the Dj`s is an authority for you? Who supports you now?

The true is that there are a lot of authorities talking about house and techno music.
I’m biased , talking about names near to me kind of music, I admire so much Jamie Jones, Carl Cox, Green Velvet, Patrick Topping, Loco Dice to name just a few.. There are many many more!

In the last years I got support for my tracks from artists like Solardo, Lee Foss, Detlef, Paolo Martini, Sam Divine, Hector Couto and many more..

9. Tell us more about the beginning of 2021, what does it bring to you?

In the next months I will release music on Mark Knight’s Toolroom, Solardo’s Sola label, Greco’s Rawsome, Paolo Martini’s Paul’s Boutique and will be out a remix I did for Lexlay as well on Brasilian label Delicious !