Luca Draccar Releases Energy-Infused & Club-Ready Techno EP ‘Soul Grabber’

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Luca Draccar returns for his newest EP “Soul Grabber.” The five-track EP radiates unrivaled energy as the record will take audiences on a transcending sonic journey. Through pulsating synths, ethereal strings, groove-inducing rhythms, speaker-rattling kicks, and euphoric arrangements, Luca delivers a techno EP that will captivate any electronic aficionado and underground music lover. Radiating a sweaty, seductive, and powerful aura, the EP brings a refreshing sound of techno in 2021. Through its melodies, basslines, and progressions, “Soul Grabber” will do just what the title entails: grab your soul and take you to another dimension. Luca Draccar showcases his unique and distinctive techno sound through this release as he is poised to cement himself in the club/underground scene. “Soul Grabber” is out now on all digital streaming stores.

About Luca Draccar
Hard to recognize anymore. Luca Draccar is Berlin-based, with Italian roots, devoted to shining techno and dark exotic rhythms. Dashed phrases and synthetic loop sequences are blended in a psychedelic cocktail of deep flavours. Slammed boiling sounds bent in the minimal trigger electronic, with intricately programmed basses. Rubbery futuristic sticky tendencies. Hot, cold. Glitch, glam, Wet.

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