Johan Gielen & Arkayne - “Save Face” (Airscape Remix)

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Promoted Post BannerSeveral decades later, this artist remains an active force in the music scene, continuously creating and releasing epic tracks. Uncommon, perhaps, but who says it can’t happen? Belgium born Dutchman, Johan Gielen, a prominent trance music producer and DJ, has made a significant impact in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark both as a solo artist and collaborator. His work has garnered a massive fanbase, particularly among devoted Trance lovers.

To add some excitement to his musical journey, Johan teamed up with
Arkayne. Their story began at a writers camp in 2023, where an instant connection led to more collaborative work. Kevin van der Tholen and Johan Gielen, each with a different background, bring innovation and appeal to this collaboration. Breakbeat is undoubtedly making a comeback across genres, and it’s no surprise to see it knocking on the door of trance as well.

“Music is an art and evolving that takes time. I don’t want to become a broken record and I think meeting Johan was truly the right place, right time moment. “Save Face” is really something else for the both of us.” – Arkayne shared

2 weeks ago “Save Face” was released and it is truly special, arriving at the perfect time to warm up listeners during the cold season. With drum loops, a trancy melody, and comforting vocals, it offers a unique embrace. This was approved by many artists already and in addition Johan and Kevin wanted to infuse the track with the famous Airscape vibe. Today we have this remix released for Magik Muzik. As the New Year brings new adventures, Black Hole Recordings seems to remain a constant home for Johan, even in 2023. Best of luck to Johan and Kevin with “Save Face.” Music lovers, feel free to join in by listening to this wonderful remix, available now on various streaming platforms:



01. Johan Gielen & Arkayne – Save Face (Airscape Remix)
02. Johan Gielen & Arkayne – Save Face (Airscape Extended Remix)

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