JOE BELLINGHAM: you have to KNOW your tracks.


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JOE BELLINGHAM joined Shameless Productions in 2009 and quickly established himself as a live act preforming his original Dub, Techno & Ambient live sets. With his trusty field recorder at his side, no personal moment is safe from sample. You might find him recording city buses on the streets of Seattle or at his residency at the Electric Tea Garden for the monthly party The Shameless Social. Either way, he would love to get together sometime to record cat meows, people on drugs and the channel 4 news.


How long have you been involved with dance music?

When I heard Underworld for the first time.

Tell us more about Seattle’s Shameless crew which has been around for about a decade now.

Shameless is just a bunch of super committed music junkies throwing parties for the love of it. I’ve been with Shameless since 2009 and they took me in and gave my music a chance. We have a successful monthly at the Electric Tea Garden where you can guarantee to see some talented people DJing or mixing live sets. We especially love looking to our own city for bookings. We feel very lucky and privileged to be connected to so many amazing local musicians and Djs.

Which artists do you see as an inspiration and how do they inspire you?

Like I said, look no further than our own city.

My favorite local Producers include Your City Sleeps, who is a very talented guy making seriously amazing, thought provoking music. I like to call it future music. Also, Sone is my all-time favorite local Techno producer. Runs a great label, 0-1. He’s a great musician, DJ, producer and one sexy mother fucker. I am in love with the music I hear outta Berlin. Smash Tv, Andhim, Rampue, Krink & Timid Boy.


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