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Introducing Philosophical Thinking To The Dance Floor
Meet BATES BELK III,aka BB3, an American producer and sound designer with a unique view on dance music. After a long spanning corporate career in New York, he made the bold move to Berlin earlier this year. A visa gives him the freedom to experiment, connect with fellow artists of various disciplines, and to work on his long anticipated debut album.

Whereas techno is a genre that is mostly instrumental, Bates ambitions to make music with a message. He introduces a philosophical thinking to the dance floor with his approach to a philosophical Trichotomy on life featured on two new EPs entitled the Life Trichotomy EP an the Life Trichotomy Reincarnated EP. The latter contains songs from the Life Trichotomy EP that have been remixed by other artists including underground American Techno pioneer Abe Duque and American Hip Hop and Techno futurist Astrolith.

Bates: “Like many major philosophers such as Plato, Plotinus, Aquinas, Kant, Socrates, Hegel and Freud who have put forth philosophical principles in groups of three, I wanted to follow that principle with my take on techno. Each of the two EPs contain three songs conveying life lessons from the beginning of life, the middle of life and the end of life.

The first song in the Trichotomy, entitled Inception, communicates the importance of not holding back at the beginning of life. Take chances while you’re young and don’t be timid with your choices. Don’t be afraid to fail.

The second song in the Trichotomy, entitled Transformation, communicates the importance of being in control as one moves through life. You will have positive and negative experiences throughout. Yet, you are the only one to give these a proper place.

And the third and final song in the Trichotomy, entitled Culmination, communicates the importance of letting oneself be free as one prepares for one’s next lifetime at the end of a current life. By the time I reach “Culmination” in terms of living and breathing, I want to be able to, in my head, know I took as many risks as I could, that I was advanced enough as a human to question the norm, that I could relate to as many different human lives and their journeys as much as possible, that I was able to forgive and that I was prepared for my next adventure.

I’m incredibly fortunate that I am able to leave the US, that I’m strong enough to pick up and move to a new country and environment as I continue to push myself creatively. Berlin is filled with many many many talented people that I am learning from, that I am collaborating with and that are contributing to my art. It’s a community that is filled with like-minded artists for me and I’m going to soak it in while it lasts! It’s the perfect place to finish my debut album and certainly less intense than New York. I felt I really needed that change. When the album is finished, it should feel like a futuristic film soundtrack with varying BPMs and orchestral arrangements. Ultimately I envision to having a full blown stage show for this project complete with custom visuals and a live orchestra.”

Life Trichotomy will be globally released on October 9th 2015 and Life Trichotomy Reincarnated, will be globally released on November 13th 2015 on BB3 Dynamics.

About BB3 Dynamics:

Bates Belk III, i.e., BB3, is a global producer and sound designer, currently based out of Berlin, Germany, whose high energy, boundary-pushing songs and remixes have moved international audiences on dance floors in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and states side audiences in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. He is also the founder of BB3 Dynamics Music Productions ( BB3 Dynamics previous music releases include OUTTASIGHT, It’s in the Mind, Bionic Power (Pushing Harder, Jumping Higher), Cosmic Kenny, Danger with a Stranger and Get Me to the Disco.

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