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Some people are destined to be on stage. Artento Divini is one of those people. Whenever he is in control of the decks, Artento’s charisma shines throughout the entire venue and his sparkling energy creates an atmosphere suitable for any party minded crowd.

Artento Divini has spent more hours in his studio than he did in his bed and working this hard pays off. After a successful release on Marco V’s In Charge label called ‘Drop Off’ (hyped by Armin van Buuren in his ASOT show) Artento teamed up in the studio with Nathan Duvall and soon they will hit the (download) charts with a big vocal track. ‘All Of You’, out on High Contrast is his newest weapon of dancefloor destruction; the melody is catchy and powerful, Duvall’s vocal skills are top notch and everything else in the original mix blends in perfectly. The remix is done by Divini & Warning and they turned it into more of a dancefloor suitable track. Where the original mix has written ‘radio hit’ all over it, the Divini & Warning remix takes the vocal and the melody to a whole other level. Big stabs and a growling bass turn it into a pounding club hit that hits you right in the face. So don’t forget to download the newest Artento Divini release, it’s not just for the dance minded people, it’s for All Of You.

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