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Promoted Post BannerWhen it comes to the pure uplifting sound that every trance lover cherishes, Anthony and Xander shine bright. As the dynamic DJ duo, XiJaro and Pitch, they have spent nearly a decade captivating their fans’ emotions and enthralling the crowd with their exceptional music. Their partnership represents perfect harmony, as each member brings distinct strengths to the production of their sound. Anthony is virtuoso at creating catchy melodies that resonate deeply with their listeners. On the other hand, Xander excels in mixing and mastering, ensuring their tracks reach their full potential.

Throughout the numerous events held worldwide, Anthony is often found behind the decks, passionately delivering his artistry to the audience. Despite his eyesight and hearing challenges, his performances on stage, marked by his lively dance and infectious smiles, leave a lasting impression on the crowd. This was also one of the reasons why the duo’s Twitch channel witnessed a significant surge during the pandemic. It continued to thrive, attracting devoted fans through XiJaro and Pitch’s “Open Minds Live” sets.

What began as the Chasing Dreams podcast has now blossomed into a wonderful compilation in collaboration with Black Hole Recordings. This compilation features exclusive tracks by talented artists, with three singles already released. “Chasing Dreams,” “Invisible” featuring Adara, and “Heart” with Ava Silver – it becomes a delightful dilemma to pick the finest among them.

Added to the excitement, the much-anticipated fourth single from #ChasingDreams has finally been released. Entitled “Time,” this heartfelt track features the lovely voice of Cari. It took two years of dedicated effort to craft this musical masterpiece, but the wait was worthwhile. Cari’s enchanting vocals and breathtaking lyrics infuse the song with profound emotional depth. “Time” holds deep personal significance for both XiJaro and Pitch, as well as Cari, as it delves into the struggle of coping with the absence of loved ones, while hoping for healing with time. In addition to this unique compilation and its release, XiJaro and Pitch are preparing us a special Open To Close set on September 8th in Venlo in collaboration with Airwalk Events. It will be something they have never done before. If you happen to be nearby or hesitating to attend this unique venue make sure to grab your tickets on time. In the meantime, double-check the latest release, “Time,” available now on all streaming platforms: https://blackhole.lnk.to/time


01. XiJaro & Pitch with Cari – Time (Original Mix)
02. XiJaro & Pitch with Cari – Time (Extended Mix)

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