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“FLAVOR is the style in which you feel most comfortable. Whoever you are – that’s your FLAVOR.” @WesRoby

Flavor was born as a concept about having confidence in a person’s individuality. Flavor is not limited to any age, ethnicity or culture, but a personal confidence in a genuinely being who you are.

Wes Roby (multi-talented artist) of Orlando, Florida created the song “FLAVOR” as an anthem for those confident in their individual differences. Super Stylers of the United Kingdom (most well known for their remix to Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Arianna Grande’s “BANG BANG”) loved the song and recently created a “house” remix of “FLAVOR”. This remix is the soundtrack for the brand, mentality and lifestyle.

Just as its meaning “FLAVOR” (the multi-genre song and urban fashion collection) have attracted a very diverse, multi-cultural response around the world.

The more a person believes in themselves, the more they will accomplish in a lifetime.

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