Twalle & Vinny Vibe Team Up For Emotional & Anthemic Future Bass/PopSingle ‘Nights Like This’ [INTERVIEW]

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Vinny Vibe and Twalle unveil their newest collaboration, “Nights Like This” featuring angelic vocals by Kristie. The future bass and pop fusion features speaker-rattling drops filled with atmospheric synths, infectious vocal chops, and tying it all together is Kristie’s vocal. The soothing, raw, and beautiful vocal by Kristie will hook in the listeners. Her lyricism will connect with many people, and fits perfectly with the tone of the instrumentation.


How did your collaboration with Vinny Vibe & Kristie for Nights Like This come about?

• Vinny and I have been friends for a while now so it was only a matter of time before we got into the studio together to work on a track. I met Kristie through a mutual friend that showed me her music. As soon as I heard her sing I knew I needed to get her on the track.

Describe what is the song about?

• Nights Like This is about reminiscing on the good times with family, and friends. It’s about remembering those epic nights that you talk about with your squad for years, as well as the times you shared with a summer fling or a love in your life.

Which artists do you look up to?

• This is a tough question as there are so many different artists that influence me, but a couple artists that really stand out as influences to me in terms of producing are Louis the Child, DJ Snake, and Skrillex. They all have such amazing sound design and when I listen to their music I’m always flooded with ideas.

Explain your favorite studio trick?

• The way I layer sounds as part of my sound design is probably my favorite trick. The way that I layer and EQ certain lead sounds and melodies to poke out or hide behind one another is how I find the right balance between too “in your face” and too subtle. In Nights Like This you can hear that in the drop especially with the synth chord layers underneath the main lead.

How do you see the future of the nightlife industry with everything that is happening around the Covid 19?

• I think that currently the nightlife industry is taking quite a hit since nothing can really be open yet. That’s a lot of days that clubs and venues aren’t making any money. On the other hand I think that as soon as it is ok to reopen I think that the nightlife industry will be booming even more considering everyone has been stuck inside. I can’t wait to see how hard people go on the first weekend back.

Which other genres of music do you enjoy?

• I really enjoy Hip-Hop, as well as RnB. I listen to a lot of older music as well, Marvin Gaye has always been a big favorite of mine.

Do you try to incorporate other styles of dance music in your productions?

• Absolutely. There’s so many different styles of dance music that I love to work on. I make music based on how I’m feeling and what inspires me. I never really put a limitation to what genre of dance music I’m writing. I also like to go back and listen to older music for ideas. For example I might incorporate an old 80s bass line style in a dance track. Ideas like that often bring new life to a song.

What is your worst habit and are you planning to get rid of it?

• My worst habit is being too much of a perfectionist in the studio. I will often work on a track for a while and then feel like it isn’t “perfect” yet so I tend to ditch ideas. I’ve been working on letting a track develop more or scrapping one part of a song I don’t like before making the decision to ditch the whole thing.

Describe the first rave you ever attended.

• My first rave was in 2012 in Kingston, Rhode Island at URI. I went to see Avicii for the first time and it was incredible. That concert definitely had an influence on me wanting to pursue DJing.

Where can people find you online?

• You can find me online at I have all my music and social media linked there. All my social media handles are @twalle.

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