Somna Sean Ryan Michele C - Light Your Darkness Richard Durand Remix

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Promoted Post BannerThe original track comes from Somna, the highest-positioned Canadian trance and progressive DJ and producer. He is not only a skilled songwriter but also the co-founder of AVA Records, alongside Andy Moor. Somna has earned acclaim within the electronic dance music (EDM) scene for his diverse contributions, showcasing his talent in producing and remixing tracks spanning various sub-genres of trance. His music has garnered support from well-known DJs in the industry. A distinctive feature of Somna’s discography is his evident enthusiasm for collaborating with vocalists.

Guess who has also enjoyed collaborating with numerous talented singers and finds fulfillment in doing so? That’s right –
Richard Durand, an industry-leading talent. For nearly two decades, Richard has maintained a steadfast commitment to his uplifting trademark sound. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he chose to remix this emotionally charged vocal track. Adding his touch, Richard increased the tempo a bit, staying true to his distinctive style. This adjustment not only aligns with Richard’s musical preferences but also serves as a means to amplify the power of the lyrics, carrying a strong message, beautifully delivered by the voices of Sean Ryan and Michele C.

“If ever you feel alone in this night again, someone will light the darkness you are in…If you let them in”. Just beautiful. Trance lovers would agree that this is a sensation they experience when entering a state of trance, releasing emotions while dancing freely, surrounded by people who feel the same. Sean and Michele C indeed help in fostering this feeling, surprising listeners as a duo in this track. The compelling and overwhelming remix of “Light Your Darkness” by Richard Durand is now accessible on all streaming platforms:

Richard Durand


01. Somna, Sean Ryan & Michele C – Light Your Darkness (Richard Durand Remix)
02. Somna, Sean Ryan & Michele C – Light Your Darkness (Richard Durand Extended Remix)

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