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The name Kalm Kaoz is a definitive paradox, and once hearing the music from this electronic House music producer, the name makes complete sense. The beats created by SlingR are a scintillating, combining an inherent undercurrent of joy and optimism, combined with intensely chaotic frenzy and groove of House music.

The DJ formed Kalm Kaoz December 2011 to create new and original sounds. The result of this innovation is a unique style that mixes the emotive elements of deep, tech, electro, and big room with the fundamentals of old school rock n’ roll, all within the diversity of House music.

The spirit of his music, defined by freedom, release, and inhibition-free happiness, is best experienced live. Whether performing for massive crowds or in intimate venues, Kalm Kaoz takes the audience on an emotional and musical journey. This potently cathartic musical experience is where Kalm Kaoz derives their name.

“In the acceptance and celebration of the spontaneity of chaos, there is an intrinsic ecstasy and elegance. The Big Bang to Peace on Earth”

SlingR formed Kalm Kaoz with the sole purpose of forging an entirely new musical style. Kalm Kaoz’s music inspires epic celebration, liberation, and joy, as the spread a message of peace – One Love; One People.

Kalm Kaoz also formed Massive Decks, an independent record label embracing the spirit of independent artistry and authenticity in dance music.

“I believe that love expressed through house music has strength and purpose. We strive to emulate this loving vibe and powerful message… with a bit of sauciness sprinkled on top.”


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