ITS Podcast feat. Dim Mak Artists Joachim Garraud and Alesia


Brown Elf Hammarica PRWelcome to the ITS podcast for June 2012. It is Inside the first and we’re pretty excited.
They will undoubtedly get (ahem) finer tuned as we progress with presenting more over time. Still, I’m happy with this as my first foray into the podcasting realm.

This episode’s featured artists: Joachim Garraud and Alesia: Hillside West EP. These guys kick some serious (b)ass with the articulate blending of Electro, Progressive House, Tech House, and Dub Step.

If you don’t have access to itunes, you can also go to, click “Episodes” and choose the Inside the podcast there.

Enjoy the music of Joachim Garraud and Alesia courtesy of ITS.