Guilty by Portis is the Kickstart of this Young Music Producer

On 06/15, Alessandro Portulano, aka Portis, released “Guilty”, under Smile Creations Music label.
This track represents the mental change of this artist from a normal person who produces music just as an hobby to a guy who puts all of himself in making music.
For the producer, making music is not just matter of pressing some buttons, choose some loops and have the track ready. Music is the sum of a lot of factors which will lead the listener to feel big emotions.

Even though Guilty is a Big room house track, made mostly for festivals or clubs, so made for people who want to dance on it, it has got different moments of calm where the listeners is prepared to what is going to come later.

The author, Portis, comes from Italy, so he really knows what emotions feel like and how difficult it is to create a unique track among all this common songs that are sold nowadays.

He is only 17 today but he already have obtained good results with his past songs. “Make You Bounce”, his first work, is still getting love and it has currently got 25k streams on Spotify.

So, he is quite sure that Guilty will be a track that you will love for the next period and he invites you to listen to it via this landing page:
Have a good listen!

Contact infos:
Instagram: (Artist profile made a few days ago) (Personal profile)

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