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Promoted Post BannerHave you ever come across Manhattan Banking Mag, a Japanese-American music producer? A Los Angeles-born artist, Greg Oakland is one of a kind. Despite excelling in the finance industry, he discovered the music world 15 years ago and quickly recognized his passion for it. Greg immediately felt the urge to immerse himself in the scene and expand his knowledge. It took him a while to take the plunge into production and DJing, and he finally did so about a year ago. Soon after, esteemed labels like FSOE, Suanda, Nocturnal Knights, and now Magik Music (Black Hole Recordings) expressed keen interest in Greg’s work.

Greg says he finds inspiration in trance, techno, progressive, house and everything in between, but melody always comes first. His productions often lean towards the 140 trance style, but he also has a deep affinity for the slower, progressive styles. Always striving for versatility, steering away from being limited to a particular genre. Perfect music development for Greg involves creating impactful music that resonates with people and enriches their lives.

Greg’s latest release is a progressive trance track featuring Jaime Deraz‘s beautifully melancholic vocals, evoking an “Ethereal” atmosphere. The track’s concept originated a decade ago with his friend Walter. Recently, triggered by an old Facebook memory, Greg made the decision to complete it. Once the instrumental was done, he shared it with his mentor Craig Connelly, receiving praise for its classy trance elements. Craig’s influence significantly shaped Greg’s vocal tracks and encouraged him in this artistic direction. Jaime, known for her exceptional lyrical, phonetic, and singing abilities from their previous collaborations, was a natural and ideal choice – an ideal trance voice. “Ethereal” is available now on all streaming platforms for you to discover:


01. Greg Oakland featuring Jaime Deraz – Ethereal (Original Mix)
02. Greg Oakland featuring Jaime Deraz – Ethereal (Extended Mix)

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